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French Mastery Quest - Tuesdays

  • Ended
  • 290 Canadian dollars
  • Laurier Avenue East

Service Description

French Mastery Quest for Grades 3 and 4 Course Description: Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of French language and culture with our "French Mastery Quest for Grades 3 and 4." This course is tailor-made to engage and inspire older elementary students, making French learning a thrilling adventure. Overview: Led by a dedicated fourth-year university student specializing in second language teaching, our course is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique learning needs of grades 3 and 4 students. We are committed to fostering a deep understanding of French while making the process fun and memorable. Why Choose French Mastery Quest? Grammar Excellence: In this course, we delve into the intricacies of French grammar, aligning our lessons with the Ontario curriculum. Students will develop a solid foundation in grammar, enabling them to express themselves accurately and confidently in French. Interactive Lessons: Each session is carefully structured to include a lesson, practice exercises, and an exhilarating game. This dynamic approach ensures that students not only understand the concepts but also actively apply them in engaging activities. Key Highlights: Grammar Proficiency: We go beyond basic vocabulary and introduce students to essential grammar rules and structures. They'll learn how to construct sentences, use tenses correctly, and convey their thoughts fluently. Comprehensive Practice: Our practice exercises are designed to reinforce the concepts taught in each lesson. Students will have ample opportunities to apply their newfound knowledge, building confidence with every exercise. Game-Based Learning: Every lesson concludes with a thrilling game that reinforces the day's learning objectives. Games not only make learning enjoyable but also encourage healthy competition and teamwork. The Bigger Picture: Learning a second language is a rewarding journey, and "French Mastery Quest for Grades 3 and 4" aims to make it a memorable one. We believe that a strong foundation in French will open doors to a world of opportunities, both academically and culturally. Join us as we embark on this quest to master the French language. Our course sets the stage for a lifelong love of languages and a deep appreciation for the rich culture they represent. Note: We will align our grammar lessons with the grade 3 and 4 French immersion curriculum in Ontario, introducing concepts such as verb conjugation, sentence structure,

Contact Details

  • University of Ottawa, Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON, Canada


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